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About Shih ChenVision

Brewtiming, New Tea Culture

Along with the development of Economic and Technology, people chase after the speed-up and efficiency overly; as a result we have lost our own nature rhythm. In fact, the beauty of life really takes time to cultivate, to take root.
Mr. Justin Chu realizes, in order to brew a pot of perfect tea, from the steps of seeding, planting, harvesting, baking, brewing and sipping, all steps have to match nature, timing and human perfectly. It is the consistent belief of brand “Brewtiming”.

As being a family of tea farmers, Mr. Justin Chu realizes that we have to cherish and respect our island and make use of the source which is given by our rich soil. Therefore, Mr. Justin Chu and all Shih Chen Family promise and look forward to promoting and spreading “Brewtiming” tea widely on behalf of Taiwan Tea in the world.

Taiwan Tea spotlights in the world.

Taiwan Tea spotlights in the world.

Shih Chen Company is beginning from tea planting. We insist to process and develop various tea products in traditional and conscientious attitude. The principle of our R&D is to make qualified Taiwan Tea to spotlight all over the world. Keep providing the consumers fine and safe foods.

To make global consumers realize Taiwan culture and Taiwan Tea, Shih Chen Company enhances and develops new processing skills to produce tasty and healthy tea products. We would like to make friends in world by tea. Since Shih Chen Company is beginning from a tea farmer to tea industry, we hope to promote our private brand overseas and being a successful brand model among tea producers. In the future, we look forward our tea drink is be loved by oriental and western people in the world.