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About Tea Master

About Tea Master

Based on 100 years experience in tea planting and producing, all the tea gardens and manufacture process are well managed to meet the highest quality standard. Shih Chen elaborately classified all the tea leaves to present you the essence of Taiwan oolong tea.

Taiwan is a subtropical island but owns upstanding mountains.
The ancient forest with mineral rich soil at a high altitude is the hometown of Taiwan high mountain tea.
Thick tea leaves are luscious without bitter when growing in cloudy mountains, morning dew and night frost.
Team workers from tea planting family make each tea product of Tea Master is the best qualified tea by the most pious attitude and practiced skills.
When pour hot water into tea leaves, the aroma of tea stayed in your throat just like morning mist lay over the mountains.


“Why we create 3:15PM oolong milk tea? It is because I saw unsold and stocked oolong tea and I feel sad and pressured. I told myself I have to look for the way for these stocked oolong tea”

- “Justin Chu Said”"

Love Tea From Heart

For unique climate and skillful tea processing, it makes Taiwan tea win the praise in the world. The best feedback to tea farmer is people taste the sweet from the tea. Mr. Justin Chu, whose family owning hundred tea processing experience, is well aware how bittersweet it would taste.

Taiwan tea trees are planted in four seasons but only the harvest in spring and winter are valuable. The tea leaves harvest in summer and autumn taste lighter and bitter so that they are with low commercial value.

Even tea farmer harvest the tea leaves in summer and autumn, it is hard to sell out. Therefore, tea farmer usually cut down the tea trees grown in summer and autumn.

Besides, Climate and rain affect the quality of tea. Once the quality is not satisfied by the purchaser, tea farmers should face lots of tea stock.

We plant and process tea for three generations so that we are well aware the suffering of tea farmers.

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About Tea Master